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Hello all--

For a job related reason (not mine), this journal is now "Friends Only". I would have preferred not to do this, but there was no choice.

Cynthia, David, James, Thom, and Tim (and other readers who aren't on LiveJournal) please see this link to see how to use OpenID or open an LJ account to read my journal.
crow in snow

March 1

And it snowed over night. I don't know if it will snow more today; I hope so. Then I'm ready for spring!

On the first Sunday of each month, my parish has a "brunch". (Really, it's a lunch.) Usually I cook something, but yesterday after seeing Gomorra, I went to a new bakery in the neighborhood with Hardy. While there, I had a hot cross bun. It was so good that I bought 2 dozen of them to take to the brunch. I hope other people like them. You never know about things with candied fruit. Some people love it, others don't.

Hot cross buns, though, made me think of this wonderful Swedish bread that was for sale in the konditori only during Lent. I'll have to dig through my recipes...

It's a simple yeast bun with a bit of cardamom in it. After it's done, you cut off the top, then you scoop out of bit of the bread. That's replaced with a bit of marzipan. Then you put the top back on the bun. But you don't eat it quite yet. Instead, you put the bun in a bowl, pour hot milk over (not too much) and sprinkle with cinnamon. It's quite lovely.

If you go looking on the Internet, some people (most people) call them "semla" (plural "smelor"), while others call them (more specifically) "Fastlagssemla" (plural "Fastlagssemlor"). This gets at the idea that they should be eaten on Shrove Tuesday. However, when I was in Sweden, most people at them throughout Lent and the village bakery didn't begin selling them until the Monday of the that included Ash Wednesday. Most pictures you see online include a lot of whipped cream. The ones we had in Mullsjö had no whipped cream. I've made them with and without and prefer them without the whipped cream.

Here's a recipe. Feel free to use commercial marzipan, but use the best you can (with at least 50% almonds, if you can find it.)
Chlesea piers

catching up

I wonder if I'll get back in the habit of blogging more often, I just don't know.

Had a very nice Valentine's Day, not a date, but a lovely concert! Haydn's Creation. I've heard it once before (in a concert hall, I mean). It's just an incredible work. As I particularly like the sound of double reeds, I'm charmed by the bassoons, contrabassoon, oboe, and English horn...or was that two oboes?

In fact, the only thing I didn't like was that in the movement where the birds are created, I couldn't hear the bassoons as the doves. The clarinet (lark) and flute (nightingale) were clearly audible. And I could see the bassons playing, but heard nothing.

However, there was a very handsome trumpeter, which made for some nice visuals!

Is to give you an idea of the seats we had.

I went with Hardy, my roommate, who has a very difficult time sitting still for that long, but who does enjoy the experience. I think when I buy my tickets for the coming season I'll put a note on Facebook and let people pick concerts...we'll see.

After that, we went to Veniero's until about midnight.

Yesterday was a lazy day. I went to church, again impressed by Fr. Tony's preaching. Had lunch. Then Hardy and I went shopping for those staple kind of things and some things so that it's easy to just heat something for dinner.

While I love winter, I'm really looking forward to spring this year!
Chlesea piers

Friends only

Well, I've been busy on Facebook, playing like a child with things like "MyFarm". If the people who play that silly game think farming is that easy, we're in for a lot of problems. But I can't resist it.

And I've been looking for a few new games to add to my phone. I have Solitaire, which is fun to play while listening to music (and reminds me of my grandfather--one of the few nice things one of my grandfathers did was teach me to play that game, the other one was nice all the time).

Suggestions from the iTunes store are welcome.

So, here's the deal on the Friends Only thing.

Several of my good friends in life are teachers. There are pictures of most of them somewhere on this blog. None of them were posted without the person's approval and knowledge.

About six months ago, one of my friends students found pictures of him on my blog. They were entirely innocent, but certainly might suggest that he has gay friends and is comfortable around them.

At his request, I removed certain photos, including some of him at the beach.

Recently (just before I made the blog friends only), students at his school became amused by the photos in my blog again. And they found a few more, even more innocent photos, which they were showing to other teachers.

This is totally no big deal. It basically showed that my friend has friends. You've seen (well, most of you have, unless you read by blog in a text only reader, which 3 or 4 do) the pictures here. There's nothing exciting. But it was becoming a distraction for my friend to deal with these students and his co-workers.

I knew I didn't want to be a teacher!

David G., please comment on this entry if you can read it. If you can't I need to fix something. What, I don't know! But I'll figure it out.

Now, I'm off the see the live-action shorts nominated for the Academy Award (saw the animated ones yesterday.)
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